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A.L.S.O. B-Ball Jersey

A.L.S.O. B-Ball Jersey

$ 50.00

***LAST RUN***

A.L.S.O. which stands for, A Light Sleepers Ohana

is in honor of one favorite Hip-Hop groups

A.T.C.Q. = A Tribe Called Quest!

Lightsleepers Drips in Kawasaki Green emblazed on the front with the number 97.

1997, is the year we started Lightsleepers.

In the back we reminding everyone DON'T SLEEP!

Tribe Stripes are laced on the side of the Jerz.  With the A.L.S.O. logo on the front side. 

Durable enuff to get tugged when breaking off a screen or pick on the court but still comfortable and breathable to rock casually at sporting event or home.

With function, form and style all balled up in one, this Jersey is a sure shot!

***NOT a slim fit, but a relaxed fit***

Don't Sleep.