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Hawai’i Jazz Tee

Hawai’i Jazz Tee

$ 30.00

Paying tribute to one of dopest Jazz record labels.

Black Jazz founded by Pianist, Gene Russell & Percussionists, Dick Schory. The label was created to promote African-American Jazz Musicians.  The Records they products are so dope and were hard to find for myself in Hawai'i.

We flipped the Black Jazz and gave it a local spin, HAWAI'I JAZZ.  Instead of the "Rocky & Apollo" shake we tro in one Shaka!

To one up ourselves "We got the JAZZ" like A Tribe Called Quest on the Jive Label and blessed up the front of  tee with a cool filp.

Each tee comes with the HAWAI'I JAZZ sticker.

Mahalo & Don't sleep