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Lightsleepers Slip Mat 12"

Lightsleepers Slip Mat 12"

$ 20.00

Special for Record Store Day 2017 we finally made our own Slipmats!  When deciding what design to use we decided to keep it classic for the hard core turntable lovers. Also we went on the thicker route .0625 unlike the super thin scratch crazy mats these mats have just a little bit more thickness to protect the record but able to still scratch and back spin easy.  A clean glaze is on the bottom of the mats to help lessen the friction. 

Each package contains just one Slipmat

Material: 100% polyester felt
Weight: 16oz
Dimensions: 11.75″ Diameter
Thickness: .0625 (1/16″)
Bottom Surface: Glazed
Grade: Strong High Quality
Feel: Soft

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