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Maunakea Drips

Maunakea Drips

$ 25.00



100% of all money made from the sales of this shirt will go to Protect Maunakea paying for the needs of the 'Aina Warriors on the front line from, physical product (i.e. supplies, camping equipment, clothes, etc), monetary donations, gift cards, or donated to www.puuhuluhulu.com/donate.  We wanna be transparent like when we do Dilla Day and other “not for profit” releases. This one is the pinnacle for us. 

Please check instagram.com/lightsleepers. For the update on what was donated and too who.

The Drips style represents the Hawai'i Hip-Hop community support for the Protection of Maunakea.  The Drips can be interpreted various ways an open for interpretation. 

You also get one sticker of the Mauna Drips. Slap dat bugga up. 

If you would like to gift a shirt feel free order and extra size and lmk to gift it.

If you fell on hard financial times and want a shirt to rock hmu!


Mahalo Nui Loa & Don’t Sleep - Kavet the catalyst