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Stadium Hoodie (48 hour drop)

Stadium Hoodie (48 hour drop)

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The Stadium Hoodie, is based off the Aloha Stadium end zone designs.


As a kid in the 80s-90s i would notice the most random things watchin sports.

One of those things is the end zones at Aloha Stadium.

Been wanting to freak it for so long. So we decided to release a t-shirt of the "HAWAII" with a few new reworks.  But by special request we were asked to make a black hoodie, and i can't pass up a golden opportunity so i wanted to open it up to the People.

On the front is the OG Aloha Stadium Endzone "HAWAII"

On the back is the classic "GO BOWS" printed in white.
This is a limited & 48 hour drop.

As a Mahalo, you will receive 50% off the tee when it drops (a separate link will be emailed once it drops)

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